Watch This Dog Acting Like A Mother To Orphaned Baby Opossums

We’ve seen dogs who have such amazing maternal instincts that they adopt other baby animals and treat them like their very own. They look after them, keep them warm, care for them, and some mother dogs would even let the baby animals nurse on them.

So when 3 orphaned opossums needed a mother figure, a dog stepped in to do the job.

In Brazil, a pet behaviorist named Stephanie Maldonaldo was given 3 orphaned opossums for safekeeping. The 3 babies became orphans when their mother was attacked and killed.

The opossums were so young, they haven’t even opened their eyes yet. They needed constant care and they need to be fed every two hours.

The job was a little overwhelming. So Stephanie’s dog, Pretinha, stepped in to help.

Pretinha cuddles with the baby opossums, she licks them and nestles with them.

And when the babies grew bigger, Pretinha even lets them climb on her back, and she gives them a ride.

Watch the video below and see the opossums taking a ride on Pretinha’s back!

Awwww…what a sweet dog you are, Pretinha!

Once the opossums are old enough, they will be released back to the wild. We hope they won’t forget their foster mom who helped them survive.