When Dad Takes Over Bath Time with the Kids, Hilarity Ensues

It had the look of a long tooth — a long, bubbly tooth, that is. At the bottom were two holes, and inside of those holes two sets of eyes peered out. Those eyes belonged to two young boys having the time of their lives.

They giggled, yelled, and called out to two other kids in front of them. Those two were in their footy pajamas. Presumably they were ready for bed; the kids inside that white foam were getting ready with the best bath ever.

It was Dad’s night to do the kids’ bath, and apparently he decided to have some fun with it. The kids soaked in the tub with not just a few suds around them but a tower of suds that shot up in the air like a high-rise building.

“Okay, boys, pop those bubbles,” Dad called out. “Stand up and pop those things.”

The kids laughed and screamed more. They were having too much fun to ruin this creation, one that now reached the ceiling of the bathroom. Dad, of course, had his phone ready and videotaped the scene. That video has since gone viral on social media with more than 1 million views.

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I bet the mom in all of us is wondering, “who on earth is going to clean that up?” Most people, however, just wanted in on the fun!

“If we ever get the bath working, this will be how I take baths,” one woman wrote to a friend who seemed to shake his head in response.

One person referred to it as “the ultimate bubble bath,” as it no doubt was for those kids. And one woman described a similar situation her parents had. Her mother discovered her father asleep under a mound of bubbles in the jacuzzi.

So just how did this Dad craft that tall and glistening tower? Dish soap and jets. Those kids are lucky to have a Dad who knows how to play. Let’s hope Dad also knows how to do the cleanup.