Woman Dances To Famous Tune, But Her Dachshund Steals The Show When His Song Comes On

Admit it: You sleep with your dog, you talk to your dog, you even bring home gifts for your dog.

But would you dance with your dog? In case you didn’t know, dog dancing is a thing. One woman makes videos of herself and her wiener dog dancing together.

It just takes a lot of time and patience to do it. Emily and her dog have been working on it for a while now, and the bond they share helps make them great dance partners.

Emily posts the videos on YouTube to not only show off how well her dog can dance but also show others that they can teach their pets to dance, too. The best thing about dancing with a dog is that the dog doesn’t care what kind of music you use, as long as you have plenty of treats.

There is an entire organization built around this hobby. The Musical Dog Sport Association even hosts workshops and events for people who want to give dog dancing a try. According to its website:

If you think you have it takes to dance with your dog, give it a try.

Choose your partner and a song, and start working on your next routine. You could be ready for a competition or making videos like Emily and Henrietta in no time. You could be the next big winner.