Woman Out On An Early Morning Nature Walk Films The Most Terrifying Moment Of Her Life

Panthers are sleek, strong, and some of the most stealthy predators in the forest.  This woman is out for a walk at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Florida, expecting to see some birds, some butterflies, and maybe a gator or two. What she runs into – or rather – what runs past her is a different story altogether.

It started with a fast ‘pat-pat-pat sound on the creaky wooden pathway she was walking on, alone, in this dense Florida forest, and then a shape, covered in fur. You can hear the panic in her voice as she realizes that the sound is four padded paws belonging to a panther that’s running right at her! At this point, I’m sure all she could think was that she was about to become an impromptu ‘fast food’ lunch for this ferocious feline.

As she backs slowly up, the panther keeps getting closer…then it runs full speed right past her! Talk about seeing your life flash before your eyes, or in this case, a scooting quickly past you!