Young Girl Steps Onstage Nervously To Sing ‚Angel‘ Paralyzes Judges With Unique Spin

Many artists have tried to cover Sarah McLachlan’s hit song, „Angel“ but none have done it quite as well as this talented contestant on The Voice: Thailand. Her voice fills the auditorium and the crowd is left in total awe as she belts out every word and note flawlessly. It’s easy to see why many of the judges turned their chairs around to have her on their team!

Most people don’t know the true reason behind Sarah’s powerful lyrics. The song was actually written in honor of Smashing Pumpkins‘ keyboard player, Jonathan Melvoin. Jonathan lost his life to addiction and his passing was something that touched her deeply. Sarah told Spin Magazine that these type of personal struggles weren’t anything she’s ever had to deal with, but it’s something she can relate to. „I’ve been in that place where you’ve messed up and you’re so lost that you don’t know who you are anymore, and you’re miserable-and here’s this escape route. I’ve never done [drugs], but I’ve done plenty of other things to escape.“ Luckily, Sarah never turned to drugs to ease her pain, but there has been pain in her life nonetheless.

Sarah’s voice is something not many people can mimic, let alone surpass. That’s why this incredible songstress takes everyone by surprise – not only for her choice of song, but the way she delivers it as well! Hopefully we hear more from this talented woman in the future. The song in her heart is too beautiful to ignore for a second longer! Press „play“ on the video below to listen to her performance for yourself. You won’t regret it!