Young Girl Torn From Her Baby Brother In Foster Care. The Way She Gets Him Back Puts Internet In Tears

Over the years, little Zoey became accustomed to the idea of a difficult household with a father who drank and mother who was tormented by him regularly. The way of life was rough, which meant Zoey knew that her baby brother depended on her. So when her life turned upside down, and they were placed in the foster care system, Zoey was left more heartbroken than ever before.

According to the Children’s Right website, there are more than 428,000 kids in the United States foster care system. These children were taken from their unhealthy living situations, torn from their loved ones and forced to live with total strangers (and other displaced children). 
While the site says that only 6 percent of the children in the foster care system are there longer than five years, the majority are in the system for more than two years. These years are formative for the development of the child, and having such a tumultuous lifestyle is detrimental. Thankfully, there are a select group of foster parents who give their all and do their best for their foster children.
Zoey has experienced the good and bad of the foster care system. Even when the foster parents tried to give her nothing but a beautiful new life, repressed anger often reared its ugly head. No matter what other people did to help her, Zoey remained stuck in her own depression. But after months with her baby brother, they were finally reunited. Listen to Zoey’s account of the horrors of being a foster child by pressing „play“ on the video below. Even though this was a fictional story, it’s something thousands of children are forced to deal with every day.